Boston, MA – July 7-10

Several months ago, possibly as far back as April, my friend Milee had asked me if I wanted to go to a DMB concert in Boston- well, DUH, of course I did. So I accepted the offer and toodled into Boston on the 7th for the show on the 8th.

It got off to a slow start, since I originally had planned to wake up at 9 or 930 to be on my way by 10. Well, I woke up to the alarm, snoozed twice, and then fell back asleep until, “Oh Shit, I’m gonna be so late,” at 1130am. I got on the road at 12 something, after getting my oil changed.

Milee had said it takes 4 to 4.5 hours to get to Boston from Syracuse, well, apparently that is if you’re driving in a vehicle that is going over 70-75 mph. It took a good 5 hours or so to make it to the outskirts of Boston. The drive in was fairly uneventful, with the exception of some idiot rubbernecker drivers (a few vehicles pulled over that apparently were far more interesting than the drivers’ destinations). I had spoken with Milee the day before and we figured that I could park in Wellesley, since their overnight parking was inexpensive ($3.50/night). Well, what I didn’t realize is that Wellesley is on the other side of Boston than the entry point on the West of the City. So, I ended up driving through Boston over the new bridge, Leonard P Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, which was a pleasant surprise since I had not seen it on my previous adventures to Boston.

So I parked on the other side of Boston in Wellesley and took the T into Brookline (Coolidge Corner stop on the C Train of the Green Line) where Milee lives. However, since Milee is the amazing Dave fan that she is, she was at the first night’s DMB concert. SO, I wandered around the Coolidge area (Harvard Street and Beacon Street) with my book bag and overnight bag for about 5.5 hours. It was a bit boring, but an adventure nonetheless. I ended up hanging out in two coffee/tea “joints” and Barnes and Noble – AND got to eat some authentic Mexican food at a quaint little Taqueria. They even used manteca (pork fat) in the refried beans, which, trust me, makes a WORLD of difference in the “authentic” taste.

Milee walked back from the concert and arrived around 1130pm. Luckily, between arrival around 6pm to the Coolidge area and 1130pm when Milee got there, I had some company outside of the surrounding residents and tourists. I got to speak (albeit briefly) with a few friends while waiting. The down time was nice, but it is always nice to be able to talk with people you care about. I was even able to arrange a meeting day with Murf, a college bud, which put us one step closer to being able to catch up.

Milee and I stayed up late as she shared her dating stories. I also had a very difficult time falling asleep alone… So, I ended up sleeping the better half of Saturday away. When I finally got up and around, Milee and I went into Boston on the T and walked around and ate some food (yummy, but lacking in amazingness that my taste buds were craving) in Quincy Market. After food, Milee and I walked around and shopped a bit. We even saw some cows (the decorated for charity type) and heard some cool musicians!

So, after a bit of shopping and browsing, Milee and I made it back to Brookline to unload our (my) baggage. Then we walked to the concert… AT FENWAY PARK! I didn’t even know until a few days before the concert that it was at Fenway. You see, I’m a Red Sox fan… lol, “My name is Crista, and I’m a Red Sox Fan.” And the crowd goes, “Hi, Crista.” LOL… I was FAR more excited about seeing the venue than about seeing Dave…again. Jeremiah and I had already seen him at Saratoga. But Fenway… come on now! DMB actually played a very similar set to what was played at the Saratoga concert, which was actually a good thing, since apparently their alternate set is not that amazing.

However, the coolness of it all is that DMB played ‘Sweet Caroline’ after their 7th song in true Fenway tradition. (That song is played after the 7th inning (possibly during the 7th inning stretch) at every Fenway game!) Scroll down this page and you can listen to it… So, all in all, terrific concert!

Sunday proved to be a VERY busy day. Milee and I got up, booked a Duck Tour around Boston (left from the science museum), and headed onto the T to get to the tour for 10am. We left by 9, but were VERY close to missing it entirely since MBTA (the public transportation/ T system in Boston) doesn’t run as often on Sundays. We ended up walking a few blocks (from North Station I believe) and even passed by the home of the Celtics (where Madonna apparently was “playing” that weekend as well) along the way to the museum and the starting point for the tour.

After the amazing tour around historical parts of Boston, Milee and I went to pick up my car (and missed the stop, had to go to the next stop, and come back… and remember, on Sunday… SLOW going anywhere) and drove it into Boston. Got a wee bit lost, but that’s ok, we still ended up at Fenway before my college bud Murf to watch the World Cup and eat at Beer Works right by Fenway Park. Good visit filled with updates on life, romance (not always our own), and work. So, after a decent 3+ hour visit, we went in our respective directions (after a picture in front of Fenway Park, of course!).

Milee and I parked the car (no, not in Harvard Yard) and jumped on the T to head over to Government Center again to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, picked up a few souvenir items, and then got back on the T to go to Harvard for a visit. Well, the Red Line that would generally take fair weathered travelers to the Harvard stop was a bit under the weather… so we had to take a shuttle bus instead and then hop back on the T to go to the Harvard Stop… well, that really isn’t the point of telling you all this. WE SAW A TURKEY! lol… there was a REAL turkey that was running across the street in the MIT neighborhood! What a riot! I saw it crossing in front of the shuttle bus (we were turning) and yelled, “A turkey is in the street!” HAHA! I could hardly believe it… actually, I still can’t, but it really happened! haha! And my camera wasn’t ready to use (not to mention I was a bit shocked to see a live turkey running in the middle of a city and thus slow to pull out the camera)!

So, with that, Milee and I finally made it to Harvard, walked around a bit (and oddly enough, visited the bookstore, called The Coop!) and then wearily made our way back to Brookline on the number 66 city bus. It was a full day!

Left Boston just after breakfast with Milee and made it back to Syracuse by around 330pm.

All in all, quite a fun adventure. So far July has proved to be quite adventurous… and this weekend looks like another trip. I’ll keep ya posted.

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