3 more classes

It seems there are three more classes left of this seemingly pointless summer course I’m taking. So far it has been more of a history class than a currently relevant class. Apparently this course became “required” of PhD students back in the 80s when the debate about professionalization was very intense among educators (hence why most of our readings are from the 80s and early 90s). Now that it isn’t a HUGE deal, the class has lost much of its meaning. However, it is still a requirement of successful PhD completion in the School of Ed. I end up catching bits and pieces of information that might be useful come the Fall semester for Thursday nights from 930 until about 1045. Other than that, it will be random information jingling about my brain.

Some random bits so far:
Ivy League Origins
College of Philadelphia (1740) – University of Pennsylvania
Kings College (1754)- Columbia University
College of Rhode Island (1764) – Brown University
College of New Jersey (1746) – Princeton University
Collegiate School (1701) – Yale College (1718) – Yale University
Cornell University (1865) – Cornell University (also home to the NY Land-Grant school)
Dartmouth College (1769) – Dartmouth College
Harvard College (1636/1638) – Harvard University

Long ton (aka Gross ton, weight ton, or imperial ton) = 2240 lbs

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