Update regarding Mr. Bat…

So, Mr. Bat really wasn’t as large as I thought he was. Al from the Critter place came and captured him alive. Since Mr. Bat played nice he didn’t have to be killed in order to be tested for rabies. He went home with Al and was released at his home, which has many acres and many barn type places in which to sleep during the day.

Al was kind enough to show J and I Mr. Bat up close and personal. His body was more the size of my thumb (thicker though) and wingspan about the width of my fingers arched way open. We even got to see his cute little face and VERY sharp looking teeth. It was pretty cool. Mr. Bat was not very happy to have been captured, so his teeth were showing without having to be prompted.

So now, Mr. Bat is likely living happily on open property with lots of bugs to ingest. I’m happy for the little fella!

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One Response to Update regarding Mr. Bat…

  1. Ty says:

    I so love bats. Of course, I don’t have a barn. I would’ve just let it go outside. I also didn’t know you were on here, but then again, I never am.

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