Bats n Brats

So the happy (hopefully) highlight of the weekend was finding a bat peacefully sleeping at J’s apartment complex. I was in the neighborhood and decided to take a respite from Greek life (more on that below) and dropped in at the unoccupied apartment. Well, to my surprise, upon entering the complex, out of my peripheral vision I saw something small and black. Yup, another bat. This one was literally sleeping ON the wall. It was a textured wall, so this bat grasped on and wrapped itself up for some much-needed rest.

So I did what any person who has ever watched MacGyver would do – I improvised. A large plastic Matrix cup (what else at J’s) and a cardboard backing of a legal pad did just nicely to capture the bat alive and transfer him outside (I practiced on the apartment wall first). He was a bit sleepy and/or dehydrated, so when I released him, he didn’t go anywhere but to the ground. I gave him some time to come-to and checked-up on him again (when did it become a him…again?) – but he was still there. So, I recaptured him and brought him to the perimeter of the woods nearby – nudged him twice to get him to hop off the ground into a nearby bush where he grasped on, wrapped up, and seemed to nod off again.  J and I checked up on the bat later this evening (when SB returned from wilderness fun) and the bat was nowhere to be found… which hopefully means he flew away on his own accord. Oh how I do like bats (when they’re not flying overhead)!

So the brat part… neighbors… frat boys… breaking and entering at 530am this morning to steal at least 7 composites (large frames with all the women in the house’s individual pictures – like class pictures from grade school). Chased one out of the house after having called the cops… they arrived and 1.5 hours later they leave without any prosecution because some women from the house apparently LET them in?! Whatever. Such BS. Needless to say, the chapter president of the house next door now KNOWS clearly that the cops will be called – and apparently they’re already on the Syr Police $h!t list.

Other brat matter – no me gusta group work, particularly when it entails people who are a) new to graduate school and b) still think it’s cool to treat grad group work like undergrad group work and allow everyone else to pick up their slack… I just hope the angst I’m feeling is warranted and he’s not ill or had some family emergency that kept the group member from checking email all weekend and from emailing summaries and discussion questions. About an hour of work that I could have spent writing a paper due at noon tomorrow…

GRRRR… at least I saved a bat today…

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