And we’ll have fun, fun, fun…

The planned semester had initially been scheduled to be more difficult and likely time consuming than need be. I was preemptively freaking out and shouldn’t be for coursework, particularly since this is hopefully my last semester of it before comps <knock on wood>. Now instead of 6 hours of in-class time in the beginning of the semester followed by a total of 12 hours of in-class time after Spring Break, I’ll have a consistent 6 (all on Tuesdays) and an independent study. Though I’m now hesitant to take an independent study (I’ve learned that independent study = incomplete), I believe that this one should help me to finish up last semester’s incomplete and perhaps even get something publishable out of it. The weekly guideline of a schedule is done and now it’s onto phase II – implementation. I tend to suck at sticking to a schedule for more than two or three weeks, but I’m hoping that this time is different. Since I don’t have any scholarly obligation Wednesday through Friday, I need to adhere to the schedule.

I’m very happy that Holly has suggested making a scheduled time for fun – too often we only schedule the non-fun stuff. Though there are plenty of spaces in the weekly schedule filled with the “non-fun”, knowing that opportunities exist for scheduled fun (singing, yoga, Grey’s watching) is refreshing.

I hope you’re able to schedule in some routine fun too!

Happy 2008!

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