study breaks… singing of sorts

My big brother has returned to school part-time in the past year to pursue a master’s degree. He’s also a full-time husband, dad, and military officer – I’m so not worthy.
Anywho, I’m working on a degree as well (not always liking it either). So today after having spoken with my brother a few times in the past week about his anxieties of transferring applied knowledge to theoretical knowledge, I was thinking of him while doing a bit of work myself.

With J commonly changing words to pre-existing songs in a Weird Al fashion, the following came to mind while thinking of my big brother.

Brief alternative lyrics to Somewhere Out There

Some where out there, beneath the bright sunlight
Some one’s doing homework, but wanting to play outside.

Some one out there, is struggling with their words
And writing ad infinitum, while listening to the birds.

And even though I know this writing will soon be done
It helps to think we’re writing underneath the same big SUN!

At the time I was reading, typing up a presentation from the reading summaries and mentally formulating a paper at the same time… For all those doing similarly, I’m with ya… thinking of ya and all the work to do while the sun and fair weather taunts me outside…

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