So, it’s April: and the end of the first week of April at that. I knew this was coming. I knew full well that the “end of the semester” craziness would be approaching, but I’m not in the least ready for it. I’m plotting out due dates on the Defenders of Wildlife calendar that hangs above my desk in hopes that this visual cue will remind me to start working harder. I’m guessing the hour by hour calendar of planned work will likely follow – that actually tends to work for me.

It’s amazing how little work actually gets done when motivation is low. So, I’m going to try to figure something out to heighten motivation that so often lags at the end of the “coursework” phase of this process they call “getting a PhD”. Not sure exactly how I’ll summon the motivation, but it has no other choice but to come since I desperately need it. There are about 4 “major” assignments due in the next two weeks – 3 of which are more important (but that remaining project is the first due).

It’s also one of the last weekends to finish my taxes – gulp – that’s gonna hurt the pocket a bit. Last I estimated I’m going to owe a pretty penny in just Federal and well, NYS is never very nice about taxes.

But, it’s warmer out and the sun is starting to shine with somewhat increased frequency – so that helps all this. That and I have some camaraderie to look forward to next week.

Oh, and if you haven’t gone, The Bomb-itty of Errors is worth seeing. It’s playing through the 12th at the Syracuse Stage. It’s a “new” take on the Comedy of Errors – set to Hip-Hop/Rap. Four actors play all 9+ characters – a lot of quick costume work. I found it quite enjoyable and entertaining.

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