You know you’re getting older when…

Two things have come to my attention in the last week:

Apparently, the popular mode of communication online is no longer email. Seems that students prefer instant messaging, facebook, text messaging, and other forms of communication beyond email. Guess this explains why my students last year rarely read the emails I sent.

And at the Oswego, NY, Harborfest (July 24th, 9pm) Starship is playing – as in the former Jefferson Starship. As in “We Built this City” and “Sarah”. This particular event that draws folks from several areas of NY, particularly the ones with boats, has traditionally brought in performers that I knew the music of, but were from my parents’ generation. I was used to seeing The Who, Temptations and others of that time period. But now, I remember these songs coming out on the radio – they came out in 1985! Many of our students at the university weren’t even born then – this year’s traditionally aged first-year students were born in 1990! What is going on in the world?

Good thing I don’t feel old, but goodness, these are reality checks for me.

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