the next two and a half weeks

This is my last year as a house director/house mom in a sorority and THANK GOD it is. The next two and a half weeks will not be fun and that lack of fun began tonight with stupid pranks. I have until the 12th to put up with the noise, mess, disrespect, and utter obliviousness of several (not all) women in this house.

I am looking forward to:

  • Clean counters versus ones cluttered with dried on cheese, salsa, and pieces of snacks
  • Clean floors versus same as above add whipped cream and smashed grapes
    • Therefore also looking forward to being able to walk barefoot around the house safely
  • Clean TV and living areas versus once with cups, plates, and napkins and papers, books and pencils strewn all about
  • Quiet mornings, afternoons and evenings without slamming doors, people yelling names across the house, or all out obliviousness as to just how loud people can be when they’re three sheets to the wind
  • Mostly – lack of drama that comes with drunkenness and it’s lack of awareness of consequences

Just two and a half weeks… then I never have to deal with it (on a regular basis) again!

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One Response to the next two and a half weeks

  1. crista says:

    And to think, I went back to that job TWICE! The first time was lovely, the second time was torturous.

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