Visiting NYC: Things I’ve learned

I’ve visited NYC several times since 93 and I learn something new just about every time. There are many stories attached to these visits, but these morsels seem to be the most important things to keep in mind while in the Big City.

Things I have learned about visiting NYC:

Always have your cell battery charged – and carry a personal address/phone book just in case your battery dies.

Carry money for the pay phone because cell phones don’t get good reception underground.

Know what direction you need to go on the subway and verify you’re getting on the right one, just in case – doors close quickly and hard. Being stranded isn’t such fun.

Bring a ton of money – NYC is expensive. Carry change for the phones.

Volunteering makes NYC less energy draining and more energy filling.

Watch where you walk and don’t wear your shoes in the apartment/house – dogs pee everywhere – people do too.

Good friends can make any situation better.

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