Though I shouldn’t be surprised, and in actuality annoyed would best describe the irrate feeling I have right now, the inconsiderateness of undergraduates greek members at this institution astound me, particularly the men. Today was graduation and thus it seems that about 10 of the 38 residents in this house have vacated the premises. Of the remaining members about 7-10 of them are stomping, talking with outdoor voices, slamming doors, and more or less just not realizing that there are people other than themselves to concern themselves with. Someone left this house earlier singing “Leaving on a jet plane” – yeah, not quite amusing.

Outdoors is a totally different story. There are men and women at DKE screaming, yelling for extended periods of time (it might be a competition), throwing chairs and glass bottles, and more or less egging one another on in their competitions for masculinity.  I’m sure the fireworks the drunken DKEs are fond of are on their way too.

It’s 2:48am… on Sunday. I’d would have liked to get to bed around 1am, but got wrapped up in something on Animal Planet. I instead got ready for bed around 2am, when the bars closed. Big mistake.

Days like this are a royal pain in the arse. Fortunately, they don’t happen all the time, but when there is a “special” occasion, it does happen. I would generally call next door to ask them to quiet down, but by the longevity of the noise, that wouldn’t do any good. The cops aught to do the trick – I hope.

So glad most folks go home tomorrow. I HOPE most of the DKE boys go along with them.

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5 Responses to astonishing

  1. C says:

    If you kill one of them of them early in the semester in a very visible way, it establishes your dominance and then they keep in line better later on.

  2. H says:

    Its really unfortunate that robotapocalypse’s post was so funny–because it’s been well documented in other places… and I am for want of which places this kind of leadership was achieved.
    Encyclopedic knowledge is not my gift.

    • I saw it happen last night when I watched Battle Royale. The teacher was explaining the rules of a Japanese variant on the Most Dangerous Game to the students and he asked for silence. One student persisted in whispering, so he threw a knife into her forehead to quiet her. There was a little more initial gasping and screaming, but soon he had the students’ full attention and complete silence.
      Perhaps a bit less dramatically, I believe Stalin used a variation on the technique to secure his hold over the Soviet Union. The technique was also used to establish liberté, égalité, et fraternité during the Reign of Terror. Madame Guillotine offers a strong incentive to cooperate.
      In news related to the original post, the campus seemed a bit hungover this morning, so festivities weren’t confined to the DKE house. The pace was slow, the quad was decorated with a few broken bottles, the breeze smelled vaguely of beer, and there were a couple unidentifiable puddles that had incompletely evaporated.

      • crista says:

        Eww… puddles of incomplete evaporation…
        Seems that the noise at DKE went up the chain of command to Williams (Dean of Student Affairs… something like that). The Syracuse City Police were next door this afternoon with Williams. Rumors of shutting them down from the cops – but with their backer (Dick Clark), I doubt that would happen. One could hope though…

      • evangelysta says:

        Dick Clark, Times Square, American Bandstand, Perpetual Teenager Dick Clark?
        ps. I miss you and peanut butter hot chocolate.

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