lessons from long ago

Seems to be important to remind ourselves every now and again how important some early lessons in life are.

Simple rules to live by that should never fail (particularly if others use them too).

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2 Responses to lessons from long ago

  1. C says:

    Curious. I learned very different things in kindergarten.
    * Sharing is how my stuff gets broken, lost, or stolen.
    * Children are intrinsically filthy.
    * Sometimes hitting solves problems. Not always, but often enough that it can’t be totally ruled out as a potential means of resolution.
    * Some people are better at some things than others and it’s silly to pretend otherwise just to appease someone’s sense of “fair.”
    * Locking toy blocks must overlap to create enduring structures.
    * Life is not fair, even in kindergarten.

    • crista says:

      true in many cases
      Sharing – And I thought Mid-Westerners were well-mannered.
      Filthy – yes… this is true. But germs are ok, it helps build strong immune systems, unless it’s already compromised.
      Hitting – I suppose hitting back might be helpful on occasion.
      Intelligences – Yes, there are various intelligences and some people are just better at some of them.
      And no, life is not fair, not even in Kindergarten.
      Very good points – I think you should pen an alternative to this text and publish it. Maybe people could read it in Kindergarten.

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