It seems that “Mother Nature” is playing a trick on Central NY – continual thunderstorms. Just about 8 days ago when I looked at the 10 day forecast, this Monday and Tuesday was supposed to be sunny. I think the memo, “Take a few days off”, written to the Thunder gods got lost. For the past, what, three weeks we’ve had thunderstorms about 3 days out of the week. A few days have had some sun, but where is summer? I think when Spring arrived a little late, it decided to stay past its welcome. But alas, I certainly haven’t seen the grass this green in quite some time.

I think that the quick storms aren’t so bad – unless perhaps you’re outdoors when it happens – reminds me a bit of Florida. But the thunder that ends up right on top of Syracuse, um, I’ll pass. I’ve learned that lightening on premises is not so exciting to sit through. Or perhaps I’m becoming a scaredy cat as I age.

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One Response to Weather…

  1. C says:

    Where are these thunderstorms?
    And summer can dawdle all it wants. If we never get above 78 again for the rest of the year, that’d be just fine. If I never have to set up a fan in my bathroom so my towels dry out and don’t mildew, that would be fine.

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