You best start believin’ in ghost stories

Well, it seems that the chapter house I work at might in fact be haunted after all. I was sleeping soundly and woke to hear faint footsteps directly upstairs from my apartment bedroom on the NorthEast corner of the house. After all of the bats that get into the house and trigger the second floor security alarm, I haven’t had it set: however, bats don’t walk on the ground, whatever this was had weight and used the ground for transporting itself around.

I called 911 and waited for the police to arrive. I didn’t want to sound the security alarm and wasn’t sure if hitting the “Police” button on the alarm panel would do just that. About 5 cops arrived in at least two cars (parked two cars in Walnut Park and walked up) and two walked through the house with guns drawn while the other three (including one in “street clothes” – a suit) guarded the main exits. Nada. After a fairly thorough search of the house, no one was found.

Upon exiting the house, one of the two male officers who searched the interior of the house said, “Is this place haunted?” Well, yes, the women of the chapter say it is, but I’ve never had evidence… until now. It caught me by surprise, but it seems that at least some law enforcement believe in ghosts.

As for now, I’m trying to settle the nerves to go back to sleep. I definitely heard something in the house and am a bit less than fully comfortable falling back asleep – even with the deadbolt on my apartment door locked and the second and first floors fully alarmed. Ghosts happen to be pretty good at evading physical barriers and I’m guessing can also evade infrared sensors of the motion detectors, so what good does all that do?

Sweet dreams, right?
“You best start believin’ in ghost stories, Ms. Turner. You’re in one!” ~ Barbossa

UPDATE: Once the police left and I made it back to bed after writing this, I heard the noise again. This time recognizing that the house was searched and thus the sound wasn’t likely to be a person, I listened more closely and with lowered adrenaline. It seems that the interior of the walls are making noises… or more precisely, it seems that mice or squirrels or something of the like have taken up residence in the walls. But why did they have to pick MY walls?

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One Response to You best start believin’ in ghost stories

  1. T says:

    the blue-marker bubble-writing version of the legend we read says that as long as you take good care of the house, your ghost will protect you, and it’s only if you trash the place that she gets mean. you’re really not the trashing-the-place type, so i suppose you don’t have to worry so much about the barriers, b/c if she came into your room, it would only be to squash a spider for you or something. 🙂

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