Why I Am

Last night I attended the Dave Matthews Band concert in Syracuse, NY at the Alliance Stadium. I have seen DMB two other times, both in 2006, once at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and the other at my first visit to Fenway in Boston. Both of those concerts were good and at the time, I thought they were awesome, but there is something about a fresh DMB experience that makes it better every time.

The entry to the Alliance Stadium in Syracuse was packed and there were lines about 50 yards long leading up to the security area, which wasn’t very thorough; I could have easily snuck in my camera. Once inside, it was a mad house. Finding our seats – I went with my friend, Milee, who is a Warehouse member and thus scores us awesome tickets – was easy, but getting to them was not. Well, par for the course this summer, I went the wrong way the first time. Apparently the sections at the ball park – and perhaps all ballparks – are separated by even and odd. I did not pay close enough attention and we went all the way to where our seats would be in section 119 only to find out we were on the complete opposite side of the stadium. (Yeah, twice in less than a week, but at least this time around was a shorter distance.)I kindly asked the gentleman who was ushering in that even section if we could walk across the stadium from below so as to avoid all the people. He said that he couldn’t let us do that. I kindly stated, “If I kill someone, it’s your fault,” I added a nice smile, chuckle, and walked away.

We finally made it to our seats and though we were at a very drastic angle, we were only seven rows back from the field (first base side). Granted, there were some chatty women behind us – really, why *go* to a concert if you’re just going to talk about how he hung up on you three times during the whole thing – but besides that and the spilled beer on my feet, it was a pretty amazing night and we had wonderful weather throughout the concert.

The set list for the concert was amazing and prior to going I had three songs in mind that I really wanted to hear. Two of these songs were from DMB’s new album, and thus nearly guaranteed, the last one has sentimentality for me and, to my knowledge, is only available on live albums: Alligator Pie, Why I Am, and Sister, respectively. And, voila, by the encore, all three had been played. Dave even did a cover of Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill that, of course, was amazing. At the end of the concert Dave and Carter showed love to the fans by doing the traditional drum stick toss into the crowd for at least five or more minutes. I am already looking forward to next summer and another amazing DMB concert, maybe even back in Syracuse.

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