Valentine’s Day *almost* flowers

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I am thinking of past Valentine’s Days – some that have gone well, some that didn’t go much of anywhere, and others that went terribly wrong.

My favorite of the “terribly wrong” Valentine’s Days was from 2003 when I was completing my master’s degree. It was the fourth Valentine’s Day that I had known my then boyfriend and our third together. Being that we had been together for that long and were separated on Valentine’s Day due to our geographical distance (only an hour, but in the winter in the Southern Tier of NY, that’s far enough), I hadn’t expected anything.

I was very surprised then when a box arrived for me at my office. I excitedly opened the box to discover a cute CD titled “Tulips Together” and then, a pot of dirt. Huh? Really? He got me a pot of dirt? Sure it was wrapped in very sweet looking Valentine’s Day themed foil, but it was still dirt. The note with the dirt said that in 2-4 weeks I would have beautiful tulips. A sweet thought, but perhaps that might have been more thoughtful had it been purchased and given 2-4 weeks beforehand so I could actually enjoy something other than dirt on what is lauded as the most romantic holiday of the year. My boss and I had a good laugh over it.

The real kick-in-the-pants came three days after receiving said pot of dirt when he broke up with me. So for the next 2-4 weeks, I watched that pot of dirt develop into bloomed flowers and tortured myself listening to the CD at work – the perfect way to get through a broken heart.

Needless to say, I’m not all that keen on Valentine’s Day. I’d much prefer to rent a movie, order in Chinese food, and cuddle up on the couch with my loved one (or alone) than to receive any gift that could potentially backfire so dramatically.

Dirt?! I feel for ya Charlie Brown (remember the Halloween special, “I got a rock”).

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