If all dogs go to heaven

For Nika
If all dogs go to heaven, I imagine it like this for you:

Vast fields of tall grasses and flowers with plenty of bunnies to chase.

Expansive forests of tall and sturdy trees inhabited by woodland creatures.

Mountains upon mountains for you to climb, wind, and scamper upon as you discover hidden paths and boldly break new ones.

[Starts with captions above.]

May the land be a wonderous 35-50 degrees (F), perhaps your favorite, and have plenty of snow available for you to be excited about.
May there be daily walks: always off-leash.
May there be plenty of birds, even some that you get to catch a time or two.

And mostly, may there be at least one dear human-friend, like the one you left behind, who loves you dearly, counts your friendship among the most stable, and will likely miss you all the remaining days in large and small ways. Since I also wish for you time to snuggle and time for scratching behind your ears, between your eyes upon your nose, and on your jaws. I wish for you plenty of affection and the knowledge that you are indeed a very good dog.

Thank you for being my friend as well and for sharing a bit of your life and joy with all you met. I will miss your whimpers of excitement when I visited, growls of happiness when I scratched your jaws just right, your wagging tail, and happy eyes.
Rest in peace, Nika-dog.

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