I couldn’t have said this any better. All the things I’ve learned in former relationships as written by a dear friend.

Confessions from a Homecoming Queen

After one experiences a feel-good sort of relationship, it cannot be denied that one can be tempted to re-track in his or her mind how this relationship 1) surpasses all others that came before and 2) is what was worth waiting for all along. And, of course, the learning lessons from all those past relationships start to become crystal clear. Through past posts, I feel that I have been fair to those ex’s I refer to, carefully telling the story squarely settled within my own perspective and own recognizance of mistakes I, too, had made. But also to be fair to myself as I move ahead in my current relationship – the motherload of all relationships, mind you – there is a time where I need to square up and unload some feelings. I believe all along we – you as readers, and I as being human with her nasty days – have waited for it. It’s cleansing, it’s human and above…

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