How the American Dream is still hurting us

“You’ve got 3 million jobs right now that nobody wants,” Mike Rowe stated speaking with Bill Maher about the skills gap and hit upon some of the issues with our educational system. Rowe’s experience with Dirty Jobs has shown him that there is an undeniable desperation for people with trade skills and plenty of jobs available for them. I heard the same story while working with the nuclear industry – both the brain trust and the manual labor in the nuclear industry are aging and we’re going to be in trouble very soon.

I wrote about this a while back when Mike Rowe spoke to a special congressional committee –How the American Dream got us into deep… – the lesson still stands today and is only getting worse. It’s time to view trades differently. It’s time for a campaign to reinvigorate our being a “fan” of those in the trade sector and blue-collar positions. Correction, it’s 3 million jobs past time.

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