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Counterintuitive Protection: A “child’s” perspective

“She wanted to kill me. What did I do? I was only a child, an infant at that, merely eight months old! Did I cry too loudly or too often? How could the thought enter her mind?! How could she actually pull out a knife? She’s … Continue reading

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My Patna’

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving household. I was even more fortunate to grow up with my paternal grandmother in that loving household – Ethel (her friends called her Peggy) Ouellette. Her maiden name was Williams … Continue reading

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Right Guard and Peppermint

From 3/31/2012. I wrote this at a poetry workshop after being asked to think about the place where I am the happiest. I was writing while sobbing. I miss my grandma so deeply and completely and, recently, this emptiness described … Continue reading

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“A letter to my son”

(I wish to someday have children and should one of them be a boy, this is what I would want for him. However, I have worked with many young men who I have treated in a similar fashion, so this … Continue reading

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Gingham: Fading into my genetics

While I was growing up, my mother loved gingham – I dare say she still does – and you could easily tell that she did. In our kitchen in Rome, NY, she had red gingham everything: curtains, place mats, a … Continue reading

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City sidewalks, busy sidewalks

This is a re-posting of sorts, something I wrote long ago, but will never fail in its applicability. This is for you, grandma…ish libbe dich. It’s that time of year again when winter creeps in, tinsel scatters itself all over … Continue reading

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