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As someone dedicated to activism (even if it’s all-too-often slactivism) and increasingly disappointed by mainstream sources of “news,” I’ve often wondered how best to learn what goes on around the world that isn’t on the TV or in the papers or mainstream outlets. Thus, I went on a source-seeking mission. As a result, I would like to share some links to ideas, communities, articles, and/or news outlets that can help to inform a concerned global citizen. Feel free to suggest additions (and thank you to those who already have).

As with any other source, be sure to check the authenticity and “facts” as best as possible before believing what these sources put out there. When reposting anything, please be mindful that anything written or spoken comes from a particular vantage point and “lens”.

Less than mainstream news sources

  • Colorlines – A broad range of issues with opportunity for action.
  • Common Dreams – Articles and community aimed at change in America.
  • CorpWatch – What are the corporations up to and what are the allegations of violations to persons, region, nation, and world?
  • Democracy NOW – TV/Radio news program, with a website that includes articles, aimed at peace.
  • INCITE! – “Radical feminists of color” addressing violence affecting communities of color through action, dialogue, and grassroots organization.
  • Mother Jones – Journalism about social justice issues and current events seeking to inform a democratic citizenry.
  • National Radio Project – Lived realities of local and global events.
  • Pacifica.org – Publicly funded radio. Linking to content by topic. The site seems to be changing and is currently a little rough, but by suggestion this is a good source.
  • The Root – Commentary on current events from a variety of Black perspectives
  • Salon – Online magazine with coverage of current events
  • Slate Magazine – Online magazine with coverage of current events, with a humorous twist
  • Truthdig – Current events from a progressive point of view.
  • Truthout – Independent news and opinion – Perspectives and insight on news (or reporting of news) brought to you by reader support – “no advertisements”. Link here is to news section.
  • YES! Magazine – Journalism and articles for those passionate about social justice and conscious involvement in the world.

“Nearly” mainstream news sources

  • AJE – Al Jazeera English – A slightly mainstream source with content you won’t always find elsewhere.
  • BBC – The international version of NPR. Again, I only trust it slightly more than the mainstream media.
  • PBS and NPR – US News Sources that I trust only slightly more than the prime-time (more) mainstream versions.

A different approach altogether

  • Intergroup Dialogue – The idea that we can discuss social justice issues passionately without insistence that we agree or come to some conclusion. This is how we make progress, build alliances across difference, and learn to coexist with increased understanding in a world where we are all different.

The following engage their discussants/guests in such a way that the style is a close approximation to dialogic communication.

  • The Forum – Operates through the academic year (Sept-May with breaks for holiday). An iTunes streaming Political and Social Issue Radio Talk Show on Syracuse University’s station (WERW). Each week, Jeremiah sits down with a different guest to discuss social and political issues of local, national, and global importance.
  • Rachel Maddow – One of the few journalists in prime time who I actually respect. As no one else is, she isn’t perfect, but Maddow has a good track record – in my opinion – for fact-checking, research, and admitting when she’s goofed up. Her cooperative engagement style is why I consider her different altogether.

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