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#YesAllWomen: Calling all allies

Calling on the male embodied allies to women’s equality to use their privileged status to have real conversations among fellow men (all) about why #YesAllWomen is the telling of real experiences and how #NotAllMen isn’t the point here*. How systemically … Continue reading

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When you can count the bones…

It breaks my heart every time I recognize that someone is struggling with their self-image. Society/media is very hard on women and men and none of us can live up to the constructed and false expectations. I do think that … Continue reading

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Girls become women: Breaking social norms – how to do it

Read this: How to talk to little girls At younger and younger ages, girls are (overly) body conscious, so much so that they worry about getting fat at age three… yes, three. With so many unrealistic social messages about women’s … Continue reading

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Diamonds: Pulling the wool over love’s eyes

Last week I read an article that summarized all that is wrong with the diamond industry fairly well. Dhar wrote “Diamonds are a sham and it’s time we stop getting engaged with them,” for Business Insider, where the lack of … Continue reading

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“You look great! Did you lose weight?” – Social shaming in disguise

The summer between my first and second year of college I came down with mono. I had been working around 30 hours a week and was around a lot of new people and staying up late. In the course of … Continue reading

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Relationship 101: Tips from the Runaway Bride

I find myself watching The Runaway Bride again tonight. The first time I ever saw this movie, I was living in San Antonio and rented it from the library at the university where I worked. I watched it four times over … Continue reading

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“A letter to my son”

(I wish to someday have children and should one of them be a boy, this is what I would want for him. However, I have worked with many young men who I have treated in a similar fashion, so this … Continue reading

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No choice necessary

This dress does not define what I can say. I may speak passionately about the smell of burning rubber at a drag race without irony. My make-up in no way covers up my intellect, nor should it lead you to … Continue reading

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