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Remembering Independence Day

Despite the atrocities that this nation has committed and of how the US government came to own the USA, the 4th of July – Independence Day – remains my favorite holiday. Even though the way that the US came to … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day *almost* flowers

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I am thinking of past Valentine’s Days – some that have gone well, some that didn’t go much of anywhere, and others that went terribly wrong. My favorite of the “terribly wrong” Valentine’s Days was from … Continue reading

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City sidewalks, busy sidewalks

This is a re-posting of sorts, something I wrote long ago, but will never fail in its applicability. This is for you, grandma…ish libbe dich. It’s that time of year again when winter creeps in, tinsel scatters itself all over … Continue reading

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Another holiday and another post

This Christmas I decided to stay “home” and complete my comprehensive exams that I have been putting off for over a year. I finished coursework in May 2008 and *should* have been working on the preparation and all that over … Continue reading

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