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Gingham: Fading into my genetics

While I was growing up, my mother loved gingham – I dare say she still does – and you could easily tell that she did. In our kitchen in Rome, NY, she had red gingham everything: curtains, place mats, a … Continue reading

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The trip that Murphy took

In honor of my upcoming move, I thought I’d post the story I wrote years ago of one of my most eventful moves. I’ve edited it, but haven’t changed any of the details. This move marked my 20th move (counting … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day *almost* flowers

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I am thinking of past Valentine’s Days – some that have gone well, some that didn’t go much of anywhere, and others that went terribly wrong. My favorite of the “terribly wrong” Valentine’s Days was from … Continue reading

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St Louis Arch: Gateway to the West

This summer one of my close friends, Tiffany, got married in Columbus, Missouri and asked me to be in her wedding. Another close friend, Diane, who introduced us, was also in the wedding. In the past seven years there have … Continue reading

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You best start believin’ in ghost stories

Well, it seems that the chapter house I work at might in fact be haunted after all. I was sleeping soundly and woke to hear faint footsteps directly upstairs from my apartment bedroom on the NorthEast corner of the house. … Continue reading

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You know you’re getting older when…

Two things have come to my attention in the last week: Apparently, the popular mode of communication online is no longer email. Seems that students prefer instant messaging, facebook, text messaging, and other forms of communication beyond email. Guess this … Continue reading

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