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Counterintuitive Protection: A “child’s” perspective

“She wanted to kill me. What did I do? I was only a child, an infant at that, merely eight months old! Did I cry too loudly or too often? How could the thought enter her mind?! How could she actually pull out a knife? She’s … Continue reading

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“You look great! Did you lose weight?” – Social shaming in disguise

The summer between my first and second year of college I came down with mono. I had been working around 30 hours a week and was around a lot of new people and staying up late. In the course of … Continue reading

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Kids say the darndest things: Talking to myself

In May 2004, I attended a conference in Maryland. At the time, I was working in San Antonio, TX, and my mother had just gone through two surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation to treat breast cancer. She’s been in remission now … Continue reading

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If all dogs go to heaven

For Nika If all dogs go to heaven, I imagine it like this for you:

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