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Sleepless in a Land of Exhaustion

I can’t wait until going to bed feels normal again. I hate dreading bedtime and laying in bed awake, just waiting for exhaustion to take over. I hate the feeling of tension and overwhelming sense of impending tears that sometimes … Continue reading

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Less than arbitrary, more in the now

It seems that since about late July, my life took a turn for a country-western song playing forward, complete with the dog that went away. In the past few months, I’ve allowed myself time for reflection, renewal, and attempted revival. This seems … Continue reading

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Counterintuitive Protection: A “child’s” perspective

“She wanted to kill me. What did I do? I was only a child, an infant at that, merely eight months old! Did I cry too loudly or too often? How could the thought enter her mind?! How could she actually pull out a knife? She’s … Continue reading

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Newtown Memorial Collage – Sandy Hook

Been working on this collage for the last three nights, wanted to wait until all 27 photos of the victims of the Sandy Hook murders were available. I’ve included Nancy as well. The last was posted today. May their families … Continue reading

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Thoughts on moving and possessions

I’m in the middle of yet another life-altering move. I’ve had many of these in my lifetime. So far I’ve lived in five states (FL, NY, CA, PA, TX), with some repeats (NY, PA), and two countries (US and DEU, … Continue reading

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Relationship 101: Tips from the Runaway Bride

I find myself watching The Runaway Bride again tonight. The first time I ever saw this movie, I was living in San Antonio and rented it from the library at the university where I worked. I watched it four times over … Continue reading

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The Universe and You: And a tale (and video) along the way


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To shoot or not to shoot

Is that really the question? I’ve thought about this issue a lot over the last decade; heck, I’ve thought about this issue since I was a freshman in high school one school district over from the first high school mass shooting I … Continue reading

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Rough cuts: A rare glimpse

I was feeling a bit musical and lonely tonight, so I picked up one of my good friends and had a chat. Apparently, I was also feeling brave. Please forgive the “rough cut,” including my vocal goofs, and overall volume/sync … Continue reading

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Working on happiness

In thinking about what would make me happy, as a potential career, baring all the work, the following list comes to mind. In no particular order: Working with puppies Being a florist Owning and running a winery/orchard Owning and running … Continue reading

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